It was a jam-packed and collaborative evening at the Medici MediaSpace open house on March 12th in St. Louis, MO. All the studios, offices, and business professionals opened their doors to showcase the vast services the facility has to offer with abundant talent. 

The open house did not only showcase the staff and members, but it also contributed to showcasing great local businesses that catered to the event such as restaurants, beverage service, and much more. Bobbo’s Tocos offered a great fusion taste-bud treat for the event to launch the brand taste test.

A business card raffle was held to give away a one-month membership allowing individuals to experience all services and amenities.

Medici MediaSpace is a co-working space that provides a consistent, viable, and collaborative environment for business opportunities. Members share resources and ultimately thrive by collaborative networking. It is a community of professionals that brings something to the table with unlimited potential. The facility houses every aspect of production, business, and artistry with a creative open environment.

With over 200 members utilizing the facility to operate their local businesses, many of the members are drawn to the collaborative expertise and talent within the community. Members have access to strategy meetings, business consulting services such as marketing, law, accounting, coaching, to creative fields such as fine arts, book writing, podcasting, and media makers.

Aaron Reppert, the founder of TravSonic Studios which is housed in Medici, showcased its vast projects for film, TV, and broadcast. The studio has facilitated projects for TV, independent films, and top-grossing Hollywood motion pictures for leading entertainment companies.

The media studio space was remodeled recently which features an audio post-production suite, recording studio, green screen cyc, photo studio and staff offices.

If you couldn’t attend the open house, Medici is always available for tours and to meet with you. Visit for more information.

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