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Audiobook And Podcast Production

Audiobook Editing Cleanup

Photo: An example of a 42 minute recorded podcast condensed to 25 minutes.

Bring your audiobook or podcast production to life with our specialized audio editing service. We will fully edit your prerecorded audiobook or podcast with our experienced staff with a fast turnaround. Once your voice audio is edited, you will receive a polished product ready for distribution at outlets like Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.

Meet ACX Requirements

Get your recorded audiobook narration professionally edited and mastered to be released on Amazon, iTunes, and other online outlets.

Have your prerecorded podcast edited professionally condensing the time and having the segment translate smoothly.

❝ TravSonic was fantastic! We had a very long voice-over project and they did a great job. They were great to work with and helped us create a high-quality English course product. We will definitely be using them again!

-AJ Hoge (effortlessenglish.com)

Voice-over Production

Voice-over requires the right voice, style, and recording technique to capture the story that needs to be told. It is more than just putting a person in front of a microphone and pressing the record button. Our production team will find the right voice-over talent to tell your story that is affordable and on budget. We also have writers that will help keep the rhythm in your script, from start to finish.

Our studio is designed especially for voice-over so you can feel comfortable that you will get the best service. We make it our duty to make any accommodations the client and talent may need.

Our VO Service Includes

• Radio Imaging and SFX
• ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement)
• VO Clean-up and Sweetening

• Voice Talents
• VO Auditions
• Recording, Editing, and Mastering

• Radio Imaging and SFX
• ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement)
• VO Clean-up and Sweetening
• Talents
• Auditions
• Recording, Editing, and Mastering

ADR Recording

Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR) is a process used for re-recording dialogue by an actor after the filming process to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes. This is also known as “looping” or a “looping session”. It takes not only skill on the actors’ part, but the audio engineer as well. The newly recorded audio must match the actors’ lips on camera. Not doing so can cause the project to look unprofessional and unrealistic.

TravSonic offers ADR recording for film, TV, video games, and commercials. We can connect remotely to studios around the world using Source Connect, Phone Patch, and Skype.

We have a wide selection of microphones available upon request.

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