As media experts, we live and breath the world of technology. We can help you with your media setup and technical issues.

Software Box-100Software

Installing or upgrading software can be a journey in itself.  Capability issues between audio and system software can cause issues which can cause crashes.  We can troubleshoot your system and make sure it is running in tip top shape with the right capabilities.

Settings Filled-100Gear Installation

Need help with setting up your studio or audio/video setup? TravSonic has over 10 years experience setting up media studios.  Let us take all the frustration out of trouble shooting your setup.

Monitor-100Computer Repair

Is your computer acting up?  We can troubleshoot and repair your computer for your studio or workstation. Versed in both Mac and PC platforms.

Floor Plan-100Studio Design & Acoustics

We offer full recording studio design services and consultation fixed to your budget and needs.


  • Studio Design & Workflow
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Room Tuning
  • Studio Decor
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