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TravSonic Studios is an approved SAG-AFTRA Audio House/Studio in compliance with safety protocols for audio recording and production.

Aaron R ReppertMeet the Founder

Aaron R. Reppert is an award-winning audio engineer and a 20+ year veteran in the industry. He is the founder of TravSonic Studios, an audio production company that was established in 2000 which first catered to indie bands and recording artists. Recent clients include Disney, Warner Bros, MTV, VH1, and much more.

Mr. Reppert graduated from the “San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning” in 2002 with certification in “Digital Design and Production”. Aaron was the first in the college program to deliver his final presentation in 5.1 surround sound, capturing the attention of industry professionals and paving the way for his career. Read More


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History | TravSonic Studios

TravSonic Trailer ImageTravSonic started its humble beginnings in San Francisco when founded by Aaron R. Reppert in 2000, offering audio production services to local indie artists and bands. By 2007, the company opened its premier offices and production studio in the SoMa district of San Francisco catering to local corporate companies as well as high-profile international clients. In addition, TravSonic Mobile Recording was established in 2009 providing remote recording services for concerts, events, and seminars. With high session demand from artists, TravSonic also worked out of Studio D at Hyde Street Studios in 2010. The following year, a partner studio was opened in Santa Clara, CA located in the heart of Silicon Valley providing audio production to such companies as Google.

Today, the business has evolved into a full-service, award-winning media production company serving national and international clients from the St. Louis office as well as industry affiliates in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

To date, TravSonic has provided audio production for some of the biggest record-setting motion pictures in the world which have been seen by millions in major theaters. The company continues to strive to be cutting edge adapting in the ever-advancing industry. Our team is a collective of media production professionals with years of experience.

How did the name TravSonic evolve?

The company first started providing remote recording services for musical artists, bands, and events. It started with a modest setup of 2 ADAT recorders and a Digi 001 Pro Tools editing station. The name TravSonic got its inspiration from the word “Transonic”, which means flight at the speed of sound. Basically, TravSonic means audio production services done at the speed of sound. The name officially was branded in 2000 when the domain was established.

Company Philosophy

TravSonic aims to provide high-quality media production services for our clients through production tools creating an effective product enhancing their brand. From the initial script to final production, our talented team of industry professionals will ensure that each project reaches its highest potential while adhering to the client’s objective, timeline, and budget. We believe in establishing collaborative partnerships that allow both parties to grow and excel in a bright future.

Todo List Filled-100Start with a Free Project Assessment

We will provide you with a free project assessment so you can be sure TravSonic is the right fit before making any commitments.

Conference-50Get a Team Behind You

Moving forward you will be paired with a dedicated production team that will get to know your project and vision.

What You Get With TravSonic

Businessman-50Professionals Who Get the Job Done

You get a seasoned team of media production professionals behind you getting your project done efficiently, on-time and with attention to detail.

Checked Checkbox-50Experts You Can Turn To

With over 20 years of experience in the media production field, we are here to guide you every step of the way and answer your questions.

Tasks-50Project Management Support

Escape the deadline crunch. Your TravSonic team will work with you to ensure your project is ready by the deadline.

Get Started! Our award-winning team will add experience and creativity to your project in a streamlined and collaborative way. View our services

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