Recording studio design, bass taps, sound diffuser, gobo, acoustic panelsCustomized Production Studio Design

TravSonic has extensive experience successfully supervising, designing, planning, and constructing production studios for schools, institutions, youth centers, businesses, artists, and individuals for the past decade. We have vast knowledge in studio construction, acoustics, and workflow which can be tailored to your application needs. in addition to functionality and acoustic standards, our designing team will create an atmosphere to enhance creativity, create a mood, and vibe the studio.

Our design and construction experience includes recording studios, video production studios, cyc stages, stage venues, media stations and home studios.


We design production studio spaces that are customized to the individuals workflow, current room, and budget. No studio design is too big or too small.


The acoustics, mood, style and design of a studio is important for creativity and productivity. We design each studio space to your character and style preference.


Designing a studio is just the tip of the iceberg. Installation of gear is just as most important to ensure that your production goes on without a hitch.

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