TravSonic Studios is an approved SAG-AFTRA Audio House/Studio in compliance with safety protocols for audio recording and production.

At TravSonic, we provide full media production services with facilities located St. Louis for audio, video, podcasting, radio, and television broadcasting. We have the capacity to produce projects from a short video for a marketing spot to full-scale commercials and TV shows. View our services and see how TravSonic can be a part of your next project.


Our Services

online mixingRecording and production are only the first steps in your project. Get professional editing and mixing done after tracking in our state of the art mixing room. You get seasoned mixing engineers who make it their responsibility to bring out your vision in every project.

Sound DesignSound creates a unique atmosphere, entices emotion, awakens memories, and sets the important tone in a story. Our creative team has years of experience in sound design for films, games, and radio. We also house a massive library of SFX and production music tracks offering a vast amount of options for sound design and music editing.

post-productionNeed full post-production sound services for video? You have come to the right place when it comes to sound for video and film. Our audio engineers have experience in sound design, foley, and post-production for film. Broadcast & post mixing is essential to having your video project translate sonically on TV, web, and theaters.

voiceoverVoice-over and ADR (Automatic Dialog Replacement) require the right voice, style, and recording technique to capture the story that needs to be told. It is more than just putting a person in front of a microphone and pressing record. Our team will find the right voice-over talent to tell your story. We also have writers that will help keep the rhythm in your script, start to finish.

Video ProductionTravSonic provides full video production services including concept story development, post-production, editing, and final delivery. For clients that need an all-in-one video production solution, our team can write, fully produce, and edit your finished video product that fits your budget and objectives.

Production Studio DesignTravSonic has extensive experience successfully supervising, designing, planning, and constructing production studios for schools, institutions, youth centers, businesses, artists, and individuals for the past decade. We have vast knowledge in studio construction, acoustics, and workflow which can be tailored to your application needs.

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