Stereo & Surround Sound Mixing | Audio Cleanup | Editing | Vocal Tuning
Stereo & Surround Sound Mixing | Audio Cleanup | Editing | Vocal Tuning

Award-Winning Audio Editing & Mixing Services

TravSonic’s digital audio editing and mixing service provides affordable quality for all your audio production needs. Our team takes pride in providing high quality and polished audio tracks with a fast turnaround.

Voice editing

Pro Tools detailed audio editing, voice comping, and mixing.

Our expert engineers have the technical background and creativity to bring the audio quality of your project to life. We work with leading professional voice-over talents and agencies from all over the globe and have an extensive library of sounds and royalty-free music.

Get your audio project mixed by our award-winning mixing engineers. You will get pro results, with no frustrations or time losses. We believe getting your audio to the best level it can be. If we think there can be ways to get a better mix, we will help you prepare your session. Maximum satisfaction is guaranteed.

We provide audio editing and mixing services for audio-visual projects ranging from podcasts, audiobooks, video shorts, feature films, trailers, TV shows, PSAs, commercials, webisodes, documentaries, music videos, explainer videos, ADR, sound design, foley, voice-over, and more.

Our Mixing Service Includes

• Audio mixing

• Audio editing

• Cleanup & noise-reduction

• ADR and Dialouge Alignment

• Auto & manual tuning

• Sound enhancement

• Breath removal

• Removing Transient noises

• Pro Tools Mixing
• Audio Editing
• Cleanup & Noise-reduction
• Auto & Manual Tuning
• Sound Enhancement
• Breath Removal

Online Mixing Service

Not able to be present in the studio? Our online mixing service allows you to get your song mixed with ease remotley.  Communicate with the audio engineer in the most detail and add useful notes to each mix.

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