Our studio is fully setup with 5.1 surround sound providing audio mixing for music, post production, film, video games, broadcast, and web. Wired to the studio is a soundproofed vocal booth for voice and ADR recording. Adjacent is a 400 square feet green screen cyc for addition video production.

JBL 5.1 Speaker System // Yamaha HS7 Speakers // Event 2030 Speakers // Avantone MixCube Speakers // Avalon VT 737 Mic Pre // Apollo x8 I/O // Acoustically Tuned and Calibrated Room // Mac Pro Loaded with Software // 100” 16:9 Projection Screen for Spotting to Picture // Pro Tools, Logic, and Reason // HD Webcam for Conferencing // Vocal Booth Wired for Voice and ADR

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