TravSonic Studios is an approved SAG-AFTRA Audio House/Studio in compliance with safety protocols for audio recording and production.

We want to continue to do our part and ensure the safety of our staff and clients. Therefore, TravSonic will continue to follow the health guidelines of the CDC and keep you updated on any changes. Please read through the following outline on procedures and guidelines.

In accordance with the CDC guidelines, we have updated sanitization procedures and implemented additional measures for social distancing as of 7-3-20.

St. Louis’ Mask Mandate

Face Mask IconFace coverings must be worn to enter the facility, when in public spaces and near individuals in closed spaces. Please read the visible posted COVID policies as you enter the facility. A receptionist will be available Monday through Friday during business hours to answer any questions you may have.

If you do not have a face mask, you may obtain one for free at the front desk. Hand sanitizer is also available at the entrance as well as the studio rooms.

The following face coverings are NOT PERMITTED:

  1. Face coverings with exhalation valves
  2. Face coverings that are not secured with ear loops or secured around your head
  3. Face coverings that include mesh material or holes of any kind
  4. Face coverings that are unable to be secured under your chin, such as bandannas
  5. Costume masks or veils

Studio Session Procedures

Do not come to the studio if you or someone you have been in contact with is experiencing any symptoms of illness or has tested positive.

1. CHECK-IN AND CHECKOUT – All staff and visitors are required to sign in and sign out at the Front Desk when entering and exiting the facility.

2. SOCIAL DISTANCING is implemented in the studios, lobbies, and common areas with six (6) feet apart from individuals. We encourage social distancing wherever possible, but also understand in some situations it is not possible.

3. DURING SESSIONS, face masks can be removed for such applications as recording vocals in the isolated booths and recording rooms such as the ADR stage. For any other times face masks should be worn during the session.

4. NON-ESSENTIAL STAFF, clients, director, or other staff besides the engineer are required to remotely connect into the session to ensure room limit capacity and social distancing is implemented.

5. SESSION TIME is staggered from the start of sessions so the talent is not arriving at the same time.

6. SESSION DOWNTIME – Studios and vocal booths have a minimum of 4 hours of downtime between sessions to ensure the air is purified and rooms are sanitized. If possible only one session is permitted per day depending on the session length.

7. ARRIVAL PROCEDURE – Clients and artists shall text/call upon arrival and wait in their car/outside or designated waiting area until allowed entry to the studio.

8. PERSONAL EQUIPMENT – If possible, it’s requested that musicians and vocalists bring their headphones with a 1⁄4-inch jack and pop filter which has been sanitized prior to the session. However, this is not a requirement and the studio still provides these items for sessions sanitized ready for use.

9. DISINFECTING – We routinely clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces, such as workstations, countertops, handrails, and doorknobs. All surfaces after sessions such as consoles, desks, and workstation table tops are disinfected. Pop filters, light switches, volume controls, headphones, and their wires are also disinfected after each use or session. A UVC light wand is used at the end of each day to sanitize all frequency touched surfaces that disinfectants can not reach or is sensitive to liquid.

10. AMENITIES such as coffee stations, condiments, and water coolers are not in service during COVID-19 restrictions. Water will be provided by disposable bottles and it’s required to label your personal bottle. Personal reusable water bottles are highly recommended. For vocalists and artists that would like tea, please inquire with the staff and it will be prepared.

Quick Summary Checklist


  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizers must have a minimum 60% alcohol content. 
  • Use disposable, disinfecting wipes containing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved disinfectant.
  • Clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces, such as workstations, countertops, handrails, and doorknobs. All surfaces after sessions such as consoles, desks, and workstation table tops should be disinfected.


  • Employees are to follow studio protocol regarding responding to a health questionnaire and temperature checks.
  • If the temperature check is within acceptable limits (not to exceed 100.4° ) and there are no symptoms, the performer dons owned or issued PPE and proceeds to the recording session.
  • Stay home if you feel sick and if an onset of symptoms develops while at work, report it immediately to production management.

Physical Distancing

  • All areas will be adequate to accommodate six-foot spacing of seating front to back and side to side with adequate ventilation and conditioned air as appropriate to the weather
  • No physical contact including shaking hands or hugging.
  • Masks must be worn at all times unless talent is in the VO booth by themselves. All recording sessions will be conducted with each performer in an individual isolation booth.
  • Clients, director, or other staff besides the engineer will remotely connect into the session.
  • Time will be staggered from the start of sessions so that talent is not arriving at the same time.


Q: Can we invite guests?

A: Yes. Just keep in mind that we continue to practice social distancing, so no groups that exceed the current COVID room limit postings. It is recommended that only individuals required for a session attend. Any guests that exceed the limits of social distancing will be able to wait in the lobby or other waiting areas.

Q: What exactly is a “large group” of guests?

A: Use your best judgment and adhere to the updated State, County, and City building gathering size. If the potential size of your meeting/event concerns you, please let the Front Desk know. We’ll work with you towards a solution as best we can to implement social distancing requirements and procedures.

Q: Can we reserve bookable spaces?

A: Yes. Again, keep social distancing in mind. Our Front Desk staff still handle all bookings and may reject a booking request if the event would put the community’s health at risk.

Q: Do we have to wear a mask?

A: Yes, a mask is now required to enter the facility by law. Once you are in a private studio for sessions alone, you can take off your mask to record. It is recommended that you wear a mask whenever possible, but for situations such as recording vocals, a mask can be removed if isolated from others.

Q: I have concerns someone in the facility has COVID symptoms. Who can I report it to?

A: if you are concerned about your health from an individual that has symptoms in the facility, please report it to the Front Desk or call 1-888-302-6376. If no one is available you may leave a detailed message. All reports of potentially infected individuals remain private and will be followed up accordingly.

Q: Are staff-tested regularly for COVID?

A: Yes. The main staff were required to take an initial test when the facility reopened. If the staff shows any signs of symptoms, they are required to isolate and not come back to work until test results are negative. All staff are texted weekly and are temperature checked before the working day.

Updated 9-17-20