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Top 3 Affordable Microphones and Interfaces for Your Project

When it comes to audio recording, you learn quickly that the front end to your studio setup is one of the most important investments you can make to get decent results. Of course, this is not overshadowing the fact production still needs experience, but all these aspects work hand-in-hand.


Medici MediaSpace Holds Open House for 2020

It was a jam packed and collaborative evening at the Medici MediaSpace open house on March 12th in St. Louis, MO. All the studios, offices, and business professionals opened their doors to showcase the vast services the facility has to offer with abundant talent.


Audio Post-Production | The Overlooked Stage of Film Budgeting

Audio post-production is the essential stage of producing sound for videos such as moving picture, film, animation, TV, or web video. Resources and budgeting for audio on smaller films are often difficult because of production restraints where keeping cost down to a minimum is a must. This does not take away from the fact of how audio can drastically enhance the visual experience and production value of a movie. As they say, audio is the …


What is the role of a media production company?

In this ever-growing world of advancing technology and communication platforms, businesses have to constantly evolve to reach new customers and stay relevant for growth. This includes developing media pipelines such as video, audio and broadcast to promote a brand and reach new potential customers. What is media? The term media refers to a vast platform of communication telling a story that is produced for an end target audience. This includes platforms such as radio, film, …

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