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TravSonic Studios is a proud partner & affiliate of the Recording, Radio, & Film Connection. With instructor and mentor Aaron R. Reppert, our facility is a perfect training ground for hands-on experience through the Recording Connection program. We specialize in hands-on, one-to-one training for recording studio techniques, mixing for music and post, as well in other media production fields. To learn more about the Recording Connection program and how you can enroll at our studio,
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Producers bring the pieces and team together to develop a successful product for the client. In this ever-growing world of advancing technology and communication platforms, businesses have to constantly evolve to reach new customers and stay relevant for growth. This includes developing media pipelines such as video, audio and broadcast to promote a brand and reach new potential customers. What is media? The term media refers to a vast platform of communication telling a story
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TravSonic was called upon to supply sound design and mixing for the RINSE TV commercial produced by Your Media 2. Credits: Video Produced by: Your Media 2 End Client: RINSE Sound and Mixing by: TravSonic Studios
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In this tutorial, we will focus on setting your Apple computer to output full 5.1 surround sound to your Apollo 8 or 16 interfaces. You will be able to playback video, DVD, and Blu-ray right from your CPU to the studio speakers in full 5.1 surround sound. This is not for setting up 5.1 mixing with your DAW. This is to set up 5.1 playback via your computer. If you already have a surround sound
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This Star Wars themed commercial was produced for Dale Hardware. It will be screening in theaters throughout the Bay Area and playing on D-TV, Dale Hardware’s in-Store programming.
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