masteringAudio mastering is the last and final process in producing an industry quality product. With our online mastering service, you get professional mastering at an affordable price.

The main job of the audio engineer is to make each track sound the best it can. It is very difficult to have every track sound the same in volume, tone, EQ and dynamics. In this final stage, the mastering engineer brings these tracks together to give it a consistent sound from track to track to make a complete album.

Why does my unmastered demo CD sound lower than major artist's CD?

Professional mastering can be the difference in having your CD sounding like a demo, to having it sound true industry quality. Of course many factors play into the end result such as the quality of the recording and how the song was mixed. Many mastering engineers now opt to have mixed stems (drums, instruments bass & vocals) provided for more detailed processing giving a more quality result.

Mastering does raise the total output level of the final CD through dynamic processing, so your CD album can compete with major label releases. Mastering engineers have years of experience to make your output of your CD louder, but not loose the overall feel of your songs.

Can mastering fix issues in my mixes?

Mastering can also be used to fix minor problems in mixes. Pops, crackles and hiss can be reduced or removed with noise-reduction processing. This will clean up your mixes and make it sound more professional.

Can my mixes be enhanced?

The great part of mastering is that you can enhance your stereo image and other elements of your mixe. Stereo imaging can make panned elements in the mix sound as if they are further out from the speakers, giving you a better musical experience. However, mastering cannot fix major issues in a mix such as unbalanced levels and bad quality recordings.

Does the mastering engineer put my songs in order?

Yes,  the mastering engineer’s job is to also put your songs in the correct order with the right spacing between tracks. This will give your listener the best experience in listening to your CD. You may also request the mastering engineer digitally add the tittles and track info.

With our online mastering service you get:

  • Correspondence by email with a professional mastering engineer to discuss your project.
  • Songs are fully mastered, album sequenced and titles added in Red Book format.
  • Revisions will be done at no extra charge until you are satisfied and the final master approved.
  • Follow-up consultation via phone call if required.
  • Approval: an email will be sent to you to download your song(s). This will allow you to hear and approve the mastered song(s). Upon approval, high quality data wav files will be provided along with your final Red Book formatted master CD.
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